Freetress Kitron Wig Review!



Hi Dolls!

Yesterday, I wrote about a serious topic…So I wanted to lighten the mood a little with a quick wig review! I’m natural, and I recently just big chopped again, so wigs have been my go to when I don’t feel like waiting for my wash and go’s to dry. I love wigs so much, as I can change up my color, cut, and style, all without messing with MY actual hair.

I’ve had this wig for a while…I haven’t worn it yet either. It’s super hot in Texas right now and this is a lot of hair. Scratch that, a TON of hair. It’s going to be a wig for you if you want to feel like Beyoncé..Diana Ross…Chaka Khan…somebody! She (yes, she) is made by Freetress, and her name is Kitron. I got her online from a few months ago for 26.99! So she is super affordable. (I’m not being sponsored…I’m broke ya’ll.)
I do, however, recommend that you order her from another site if you decide to try her out. My experience with Sistawigs was frustrating as hell, but that’s another blog for another day honey.

But back to the review.

She’s has an invisible deep L shaped part, and it’s very natural looking (Granted that you add some concealer so it matches your scalp…don’t play yourself and skip this step). I did have to tweeze a few hairs out, and she comes with a few baby hairs (the website called them bangs, but they are not that full for me to be calling them wisps of hair bangs) for all you baby hair lovers out there. (I see you, boo!)
There’s lace around the hairline, with 2 front and 2 back combs, and an adjustable strap. She is also curling iron safe up to 400 degrees. I got her in the color OH227144, and she is gorgeous! I absolutely love her. She’s super soft, and feels light on my head. I don’t even feel like I’m wearing a wig when I put her on. Just feels like silk, and I never want to take her off! (But you have to Robyn…you have to…It’s hot as hell right now)

Warning: I will advise you that if you do not like big hair…this wig fluffs up with time. It is seriously a lot of hair. And not only is it a lot of hair, it’s pretty long too. If you’re short like me, you might want to cut her like I did. (I don’t promote violence though!) I’m 5’1″, and before I cut her, she reached my bellybutton. I had to cut a few inches off so I could handle her without feeling like I was being drowned in synthetic fibers…No shade.
That is my only con about this wig. I can’t hold my terrible experience with the company over her, so I won’t. I will most definitely be buying her again when it cools off. Drop a line and let me know if you’ve ever worn her. Or ya know, if you buy her and love her like I do!


Freetress Kitron Wig Review!

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