Your Heart For Mine: Review

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Whew. Time for my first book review.  I figured that this would be right up my alley since I’m always reading anyway, and this is a perfect way for me to connect with these amazing authors! Hopefully you will find some good reads from this.

First book of the week is “Your Heart For Mine” by Authoress Avalon Scott.  If you don’t have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, it’s free for a limited time, so GRAB IT, GRAB IT, GRAB IT!!!



The book is about a woman named Egypt Summers, an ER nurse with an exceptionally brillant 5 year old by the name of DJ (Darien Jr.) Seriously ya’ll…he’s smarter than your average 5 year old. I sometimes forgot this was a little kid in the story because he spoke like an adult.

But anyways Robyn, back to the point.

Life for her is wonderful until her boyfriend Darien, commits suicide. Naturally, this is extremely traumatizing for both her and DJ, and she is having a hard time coping until the anniversary of his death, when he comes to her in a dream and tells her she needs to open her heart to love again. She takes heed to this and decides to see a therapist.

This particular action sets the scene for how she ends up meeting successful businessman, Akeem Benoit. The interesting thing about them meeting, is that he tries to avoid her…He gets creeped out by how they meet. Honestly, I would be creeped out too. I am being hella vague because I NEED you to read this book!

Obviously, from the name of the title, it’s a love story, with a little (a lot) of drama towards the end. Dealing with a mother who won’t let go, a mother that shouldn’t have let go, and a mother that’s money hungry by any means necessary.  Once you read it, you will know whose mother belongs with each character.

The drama that’s thrown in there kinda threw me for a loop, but I also expected it to happen just for the fact that even though Darien killed himself, he made sure Egypt and his son was taken care of .  And somebody is hella bitter about that. Thanks Avalon, because I really hated Delores with a passion while I was reading!

It’s one of those stories where there’s multiple signs that a person is the one for you, and it’s up for you to decide whether you want to take those signs and love again, or run and be miserable. I really enjoyed reading the book because it had the right amount of romance, sex, and drama. I didn’t get bored reading it. It just took me forever to read because my son senses when I’m trying to do something, and wants all the attention.

So please, click on the link and grab this book! You won’t be disappointed!

(Also, make sure that you follow Authoress Avalon on FB to keep in touch and catch when she releases another banger)


Your Heart For Mine by Avalon

Your Heart For Mine: Review

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