If It’s Meant to Be: Review

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Super late on this review, due to me not feeling well, so I’m a little off schedule. We’ll be back right soon.

Next book up for review is If It’s Meant to Be: A Black Scorpion Novel by Authoress Demettrea.



(This is a sequel to the book Black Scorpion, so read that first if you want the background. It’s 99 cents on Amazon/Kindle/Kindle App.)

This book is about 2 couples: Reign & Sincere, and Lorenzo & Shalia. Reign and Sincere have a child together, are in love, but for some reason, they just can’t get it right! Sincere is dating another woman, but wants Reign by any means. He’s willing to leave his chick alone in exchange for Reign’s heart, but she’s not trying to hear that because of all the many times they have tried to be together.

It was really frustrating reading these two honestly, because it’s a situation where it could have been simple, but Sincere keeps messing up, and he does this because he knows Reign isn’t going anywhere. Which is another thing that got on my damn nerves…I know sometimes us women are a fool for men, but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna continue to be weak for a man who claims he wants me but is in a WHOLE relationship.

I swear I rolled my eyes a million times throughout this book. I’m STILL rolling my eyes.

But back to the review. 

Next is Lorenzo and Shalia. Lorenzo is Sincere’s best friend, and he is in love with his childhood friend Shalia. She left town seven years ago, but he is still holding on to her. He won’t even date another woman. Shalia eventually comes back to get away from an ex, and runs back to the one person she knows will protect her. Of course, he welcomes her back and expects everything to be how it was all those years ago, but she doesn’t trust it can work…because like Sincere, he makes dumb decisions that come back to bite him in the ass.

This book has a lot of back and forth between the couples…Shalia and Reign are so in love that they are constantly battling with themselves on whether they should continue to try their hand at love, or leave it alone altogether.  In the end, one lady keeps her man, and the other moves on to another, better version of the one she had.

There was a little mini drama in the beginning of the book, but honestly it happened SO fast, I forgot about it until I started typing this review. And there is a twist at the end that I kinda was expecting, because I knew it was written too easy for that relationship to end. 🙂 It definitely leaves an opening for another part.

All in all, it was an okay read. Damn near everybody in the book seriously got on my nerves….but that’s good writing if you can make me dislike people who aren’t even real. HAHA!


Click the link below to download/buy If It’s Meant to Be: A Black Scorpion Novel by Demettrea

99 Cents on Amazon or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

If It’s Meant to Be by Demettrea




If It’s Meant to Be: Review

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