Pretty Lips That Thugs Love

 Hey Ya’ll. Back again with another review!

Today’s book was Pretty Lips That Thugs Love by Twyla T.


The book starts off with the main characters: 18 year old soon to be college bound Ashanti McNeal and 23 year old Kentay Mills. Kentay is the type of guy that your mother warns you about; charming, cute, has money, but can’t stay faithful to save his life. All he knows is the streets, and he likes to use that as an excuse as to why he’s not around like he should be. He knows this, but he doesn’t want to let Ashanti go, and she doesn’t know HOW to let him go, because she’s that stu… love.

Like most women in these books, she’s a damn fool. Kentay can sweet talk her, and buy her something, take her on a trip, and she’s okay again.  I’m gonna just chalk that up to the fact that she’s young, but still…she’s stupid. There’s a few women that he seems to mess with, even one in particular that he KNOWS should be off limits, but does it anyway, for months, and it comes back to bite him in the ass in a major way. Even this isn’t enough for Ashanti to be done!

If that isn’t enough drama for you, Ashanti goes off to Mississippi State; cue in heartthrob basketball player Ahmad Jones. 20 years old, destined for the NBA, got all the females wanting him, but he seems to have an eye for Ashanti. They start off as friends, and eventually he wants to be more. He does everything Kentay doesn’t, and there are multiple times he is there for Ashanti when it should be Kentay.

There’s one scene in the book where Ashanti goes into labor, and she calls Kentay multiple times, and this dude doesn’t answer any of her calls…he’s not laid up with a female this time….his ass is in Puerto Rico. LMAO! I got mad like he was MY man.  This is a royal fuck up on Kentay’s part, and Ashanti starts to pull away from him, and he notices, and tries to make an effort to be there more. He even takes her on a trip to Vegas before his birthday, and things seem to be back on track after that.

Towards the end, however,  Ashanti is still having a tough time deciding whether or not she wants to give Ahmad a try, or keep dealing with Kentay’s trifling ass. It all comes to a head when she goes to New York for Ahmad’s game, in which she told Kentay she was going out of town for a girls’ trip..somehow Kentay finds the real reason she is in NY, and all hell breaks loose. Not just because of Ashanti, but because someone has left Kentay a nice little gift on his porch…AND it is revealed that Ahmad and Kentay have more than the love of Ashanti in common. She hit me with some soap opera drama ya’ll.

I’m SO ready to read part 2 to find out what happens! I wonder who Ashanti will pick (#TeamAhmad), and how Kentay is going to handle his problems. I found myself very involved in this book. LOL All in all, it was a great read and I recommend it, especially if you like multiple characters that carry their own form of drama. It’s really a lot going on, but not so much that you get lost. I didn’t touch on a few of the characters because I TRY not to tell you the whole story. I want you guys to readdddd with me.

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Pretty Lips That Thugs Love: An Urban Romance

Pretty Lips That Thugs Love

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