Yazmin and Chevy by Taylor B.

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Back at it again with another review.  Today’s book is Yazmin and Chevy: Can’t Live Without His Hood Love by Taylor B. 


There’s multiple couples in the story; Trenay and Legend, Blue/Rico/”Coke”, Evon and Smoke, Tuesday and Meek, and finally, Yazmin and Chevy.

Let’s start with Trenay and Legend. They’ve been together a little over a year, and everything could be great between them if Legend would just open up to her. She feels like getting him to talk about his family (or anything else for that matter) is like pulling teeth…but Trenay also has a secret of her own, and someone is blackmailing her with this piece of information, causing Legend to suspect that she’s stepping out on the relationship. Of course, because of this misunderstanding and not communicating with each other, the relationship fails, and Trenay finds herself wondering if she wants Legend because of the time invested, or if she wants her new lover because he’s what she wanted Legend to be.

Blue and Rico are no good for each other. Blue loves him, but he loves what she can do for him. Being the bad bitch she is, she makes a killing dancing. Rico is the definition of a trifling ass dude. He has a baby mama that he’s still fooling with, AND she’s expecting again, and Blue finds this out on Instagram. Where they do that at? Not only does she find out that he’s about to have another baby, she finds out that the son he has is almost 3 instead of 1. He previously told Blue that he cheated a year ago and got the girl pregnant. Sigh…they just one big mess.

But anways.

She confronts him with this information, and instead of acting like a man, he lashes out and beats her ass. That’s the final straw, and her new man “Coke” won’t just stand by and watch her go back to him…but the gag is she don’t want to anyway. “Coke” is the one she really wants to be with….but the other gag is…he’s married. HA!

Next is Evon and Smoke. For most of the book, they seem like the perfect couple. They get along fine, they are about to get married…they are pretty much relationship goals. Until they actually get married.  After their honeymoon, she gets served with papers about a chick named Dallas petitioning for child support from Smoke. Boom. But Robyn..Did Smoke know about this child? How old is the child?  You just gon’ have to read my boos. I’m giving away too much as it is.

Finally, Yazmin and Chevy. They’ve been friends since they were kids…always had each others’ backs..he took care of her when her mother wouldn’t. They’ve always been close. Everybody in their crew has been anticipating them getting together, but of course, they play it off like friends is all they will ever be. She even keeps his daughter for him when he’s out handling his business. (Who the child’s mother is, is a mess too, but…read the book) It’s not until she goes on a date with Los that Chevy wants to stop frontin’ and make her his. And he does just that. He literally drags her out of her date caveman style ya’ll….and they’ve been inseperable ever since.

Now that I’ve given ya’ll a run down, let me tell you what my issue is with this book. It’s titled Yazmin and Chevy, but I feel that I know more about everybody else and their drama..more than I know about these two. They popped in and out so much, I forgot what the book was supposed to be about. I would have definitely liked the book more if it was more centered around Yazmin and Chevy. I get that everybody was placed in the book because of the connection and added drama, but I was starting to lose focus on who I was to pay attention to.

Oh, and before ya’ll get jazzy with me because I didn’t mention Tuesday and Meek…it’s because of the fact they tie in with another person I’ve mentioned, and I don’t wanna spill all that tea…and the gag is…there’s a part 2 and 3.

So click that link below and download Yazmin and Chevy: Can’t Live Without His Hood Love by Taylor B. 

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Yazmin and Chevy: Can’t Live Without His Hood Love

Yazmin and Chevy by Taylor B.

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