Taking The Throne: Khavari & The Get Money Boyz by Renee’ Hill

Hey Ya’ll, Hey! Back at it again with another review. 

Today’s book is Taking The Throne: Khavari & The Get Money Boyz by Renee’ Hill.


Whew. This is a book that might hit close to home for mothers with sons. I found myself getting a little emotional and frustrated while I was reading this, because I have a son, and I pray he doesn’t take this path.

The book’s main character is Khavari, an 18 year old high school graduate with a scholarship to go to Purdue.  Pretty smart guy, with all of the potential to get out the hood and not follow the footsteps of his late father Supreme, a known hood legend that ran the streets before he was gunned down while Khavari’s mother, Jackie, was pregnant with him.

Jackie is more than excited that Khavari has a chance to get out and be somebody, but Khavari has other plans. He wants money NOW, and is tired of seeing his mother struggle just to take care of him, so he devises a plan that will have him and his best friends, Justus and Royal, eating.  That plan works, and quickly catapults them into a lifestyle that they use to dream about; fast money, fast cars, and fast women.  Khavari forms the GMB crew (Get Money Boyz), and decides he will become the smarter, better version of his father.

But you know what they say…more money, more problems. Khavari’s relationship with his mother becomes strained, and we don’t hear from her much after Khavari throws college away. He gets his dream girl, Tiny, but even that comes with issues because of who her brother is, and a life is almost lost. You know how this goes ya’ll…..somebody is big mad that Khavari is young and gettin’ it.

Renee’ wrote the reality of what happens when people’s backs are against the wall, and they don’t want to wait for “better” to come. I love that she didn’t make things simple, and give a fairy tale ending. While I would have loved for Khavari to go to college, she was realistic, and had him make the young, dumb decision to want to be a boss in the streets.  His mother did all that she could, but at the end of the day, the thought of fast money consumed him, and once he got a taste of the good life, it was a wrap.

PLEASSEEEEEE go check this book out! Stop whatever you’re doing and click the link below to Taking The Throne: Khavari & The Get Money Boyz by Renee’ Hill.

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Taking The Throne: Khavari & The Get Money Boyz

Taking The Throne: Khavari & The Get Money Boyz by Renee’ Hill

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