A Bitter Love by Prenisha Aja’

Hey Hey Hey! Back again with another review! Today’s book is A Bitter Love by Prenisha Aja’.

A Bitter Love

Okay ya’ll…from the jump, first couple of pages, I knew I was gonna hate Lee’s ass, but let me tell ya’ll who he is.  The main character of this book is Monique. Sweet, caring, everybody loves her, she can light up the room with a smile. She met her boyfriend Lee during summer break from college when she was 21. (She is 24 now) She says they “connected” the night they met and had been dealing with each other ever since.

However, the first sign Lee gave her that this might not be what she wanted, was the fact she didn’t go back to college to finish her last year because Lee claimed it felt like she was “too far”….Um, no kidding dude…most people that go to college, go AWAY. Monique then goes on to say that she let him get into her head and talk her out of her success, causing her to work a job that’s below her capabilities.

If you haven’t guessed by now, Lee is controlling, and doesn’t know how to keep his hands to himself. As soon as you start reading, she comes home, kisses him on the cheek, and he jumps down her throat, asking her who she’s been with, and chokes her out. Throughout the book, we see her getting beat and choked for no reason. It seems if she doesn’t do what he wants, when he wants, she’s getting beat. There was one scene where he talked about marriage, and she said they weren’t ready…and he had to calm himself down to NOT beat her down. SMH. It’s a cycle of him beating Monique, and then trying to romance her and buy her things as his way of apologizing.

BUT…we find out why Lee is this way. Doesn’t give his pathetic ass any excuse to treat Monique like this, but all I can say is that hurt people, hurt people. It’s really hard to tell if dude really wants help, and if he loves Monique or just doesn’t want anybody else to have her. There was another scene where he choked her out, and she ended up going to the hospital…he didn’t bother checking on her at all, and when she returned home (yes, she returned), he was having sex with another female! (More like potential baby mama, but you gon’ have to read the book to get more deets on that boo)

Monique has a best friend named Jhazlyn that’s aware of what’s going on, and she’s constantly trying to get Monique to leave Lee, but it falls on deaf ears every single time. Monique will constantly give the excuse of “I’m going to leave” to “He’s going to change”. Lee yelled at her, and left her at a restaraunt in one scene, and told her to find her own ride home….and even the manager of the restaurant told her to leave him before he kills her!

I can’t blame Monique, because I’m aware that it’s not that simple for most women to just leave…especially if the man they are with has money and “reach”. And the end of the book shows you that. (Being vague again, but I gave ya’ll too much as it is!)

This was a great book, and it was written realistically. I didn’t think “damn Monique you stupid..”, like I would normally. I felt sorry for her, and I wanted her to get out so bad. I was rootin’ for her…even if there were times I thought she really wanted to stay. It was so good it had me looking at my boo sideways for a minute! I didn’t wanna talk to his ass for a hot minute after I finished. Can ya’ll believe this Prenisha’s first book? She got me all in my feelings, and now I need a part 2. Like today…. 🙂

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A Bitter Love by Prenisha Aja’

A Bitter Love by Prenisha Aja’

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