Locke and Keya: A Story of Malicious Abuse

Hey Ya’ll Hey! You know what time it is! Review time!

Today’s book is Locke and Keya: A Story of Malicious Abuse by Ashantay Keys.


Um…first of all I wanna say, Ashantay..I’m mad at you boo. Originally, I didn’t see the “A story of malicious abuse” part…so I assumed that Locke and Keya was going to be a super sweet love story about two people who fit perfectly like a lock and key.

Babyyyyy…..I was wrong as hell.

The book is about 30 year old Keya Petals. Pretty book smart, graduated with a Masters in Psychology, and has a decent job as a licensed psychologist. But baby girl might be lacking some common sense, because she ends up falling for 28 year old bum ass  “Locke” (real name Dontay).

Locke…sigh…I can’t even explain this dude. In the beginning of the book, he doesn’t have a car, and he demands Keya drives him to do his dirty business. He complains about her outfits, and accuses her of trying to look good for his friends.

Then he starts getting comfortable, and practically moves into her house without her permission, invites his friends over so they can pack the work up in her house. His friends even disrespect her, by asking him what’s up with his “bitch”, when she gets upset that they’re there.

It starts to get disturbing. Not because he’s beating her, because I was expecting that, but he practically rapes her on a daily basis. I think my mouth was open the entire time I read this book. Locke just didn’t care. He did whatever he wanted to do to Keya WHENEVER he wanted to. He talks to her like trash, and treats her like a child. And he was so determined to get her pregnant, but Keya was 10 steps ahead of him by taking Plan B pills.

Crazy thing is, Keya knows she doesn’t want to have children with him, but she also doesn’t want to let him go. She claims rape every other scene in the book, but then goes back and says she’s addicted and obsessed with him, and that his sex game was why she continues to stay. (Keya was giving me a damn headache ya’ll)

And it gets even messier when she starts sleeping with his friend “Savage”. That entire little part disturbed me too because she was going back and forth with those two and I was biting my nails thinking she was going to get caught. Chile…just read it.

Anyways, Keya finally gets a chance to get away from Locke when he gets locked up (ha, see what I did there?) but she can’t bring herself to leave. I have no idea why she doesn’t want to, but when she takes the necessary steps to cut all ties (I mean selling his ish, her ish, everybody ish), she second guesses it.

I had to keep reminding myself she was 30, because she acted like a child, and the fact she was counseling people while going through all of this was crazy as hell. She needed a psychologist her damn self!

Let me calm down though.

Click the link and grab Locke and Keya: A Story of Malicious Abuse by Ashantay Keys.

$1.50 on Kindle, Free on Kindle Unlimited!

There’s also a part 2, so cop that when you’re done. I need to get my mind right before I touch part 2. *Side eyes Ashantay*

Locke and Keya: A Story of Malicious Abuse

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