The Stripper Chronicles

2 Reviews in one day? Robyn you shouldn’t have girl!

Oh but I did!

This book was kind of a quick read for me. (I read fast) But a good one. Wasn’t what I was expecting at all. This book is called The Stripper Chronicles by Quiana Golde.


I’m not gonna lie, based on the title, I was expecting a ratchet stripper, but I was pleasantly surprised by the story line. (You got me Quiana!)

The story revolves around Daija, a girl working at a job she doesn’t really care for to make ends meet at home, and has dreams of opening her own dance studio.  Her father passed a year ago from cancer, so her and her mother, Sheree are still trying to get use to him not being around.

Daija ends up losing her job because of a hatin’ ass co-worker, and she also finds out that her mother has breast cancer. Cue in this random ass dude named Vince who happens to “overhear” her conversation between her and her best friend Stacy, and he offers her a job, AND mentions he will pay for all of her mother’s medical expenses.

Sounds too good to be true, right?


She ends up accepting his offer, and he does what he says he’s going to do, but the “job” he offered, is stripping at one of his upscale clubs. He makes her get surgery to enhance her assets, and also makes her take various lessons to learn how to pole dance. When she first starts, she’s nervous (naturally), but there’s a few hints in the book that suggests she might be enjoying the money and attention.

She starts to see her mother getting better and she’s making decent money to pay him off, so this is looking to be a legitimate deal, until Vince wants Daija to do more than just work for him.

He then starts to get creepy, hiding out in the dark to watch her dance, and makes comments about wanting her to himself. She rejects his many advances, but I don’t think Vince is the type who has ever heard the word no in his life, so he basically forces her to have sex with him, with the threat that if she didn’t oblige, he would kill her mother.

There’s not a ton of pages in this book, but it covered enough for you to be intrigued and keep your attention. I wish it was longer, and covered a bit more background on Daija and her family. The relationship between her and her mother….Idk, the interaction was kinda weird in some parts.

There IS a part two that I will be reading to see what will happen, because in the end of part one, she goes into a private room to dance, thinking that it’s a patron willing to pay big money for her, only to see Vince creepy ass in the room. So what will happen next? Will Vince let her go once she pays him off?

Click the link to grab The Stripper Chronicles by Quiana Golde!

99 Cents on Kindle.

The Stripper Chronicles

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