Can’t Leave My Hustla Alone: A Love Story

Hey ya’ll hey!

Whew. I feel like I’m slacking a bit, but I’ve been working on moving my blog…and it’s taking me some time…work with me people.

Anyways, back again with another review. Today’s book is Can’t Leave My Hustla Alone: A Love Story by my boo Yasmine Davis.


The book is mainly about this couple, Kimora and Jamarion. Obviously, from the title, Jamarion is in the streets, which is something Kimora doesn’t approve of, but she met him like that, so she deals. In the beginning of the book, Jamarion is actually serving his prison sentence. They’ve been together for 4 years, and he’s been in prison for 2 of those years.

Here, we start to see Kimora battling with sticking it out and waiting for him, or letting him go, which is what her mother desperately wants her to do. Chile, while 2 years is a long time to be waiting for someone, Kimora acted like he was in that bad boy for 15 years!

She hangs out with her ex, Roman, and Jamarion’s brother, Lee catches her, and she can’t even defend herself. Even I gave her the side eye, because she had this dude pick her up from Jamarion’s apartment. Kimora, no…I don’t care if he’s your friend. That’s disrespectful as hell….but like her mama Charlene, I don’t think she knows any better.


Eventually Jamarion gets out, and Kimora lets it be known that she doesn’t want him back out in the streets, and he agrees and tries to do right. He lets her meet his mother, Denise (she didn’t want to meet Kimora once she found out who she was, but I’m not spilling that tea…read the book), AND he gets a job as a mechanic. The catch is, they have to move to South Carolina. Things start off well when they move, but eventually the streets start calling Jamarion’s name again once he meets Rick…Who is Rick, you ask? I don’t know. lol

Back to Kimora’s mom Charlene. She despises Jamarion and does not want Kimora with him at all. She makes it known every scene she’s in. Which is funny because her son Jarel, is in the streets, and her husband Darnell use to be in the streets until he became a preacher. (yup, a preacher) I don’t know what her deal is, but I’m guessing it has to do with Denise *sips tea*

The ending is left open….but my guess is someone get’s shot.

Yup. Being vague again, because you know…read it.

All in all, it was a good read.  I just have a few problems. Some of the scenes went by too fast, and some were too long. There was a very detailed part about what Jamarion was doing when he was working on the cars…and I didn’t know what any of that meant.

And Kimora….she didn’t do shit the entire book.  She made a comment about wanting to go back to college to get her business degree, and when Jamarion told her that was a good idea, she said she don’t have time right now. Bih what? What you mean you don’t have time? What are you doing??? LMAO! If there is a part 2, I’m gonna need that heffa to get some ambition….a job….a life…something.

Click the title, and cop Can’t Leave My Hustla Alone: A Love Story by Yasmine Davis

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Can’t Leave My Hustla Alone: A Love Story

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