I Get Good Loving From A Youngin

Hey Hey Hey!

Back again with another review.

Today’s book is I Get Good Loving From A Youngin by Mahasolin

This is her first book! And the title got me right away.

I like to guess what the books are about based on the title….and I was soooo wrong LMAO I thought it was going to be about an old woman sneaking around with a much younger man. Like someone’s aunt sleeping with their best friend or something…HA…


Let’s get right into it, shall we?

The main characters are Brandon and Nevaeh. They’ve been married for a few years, and Nevaeh has done what she could to be the perfect wife for Brandon. They have twins, and Brandon works while Nevaeh is a stay at home mother, for the most part (she works part time).

You’ll start to realize quickly that Brandon ain’t shit. He tells Nevaeh that he’s working double shifts, when in reality he’s cheating on her. He talks about her weight, and tries to keep tabs on her so he won’t run into her while he’s cheating.  Pff…

Like her best friend Kayla, I can’t stand his ass. Kayla has her own drama though. She’s seeing some dude named Mario, and he is desperate to get her pregnant, which makes no sense to me because they aren’t exclusive, and Mario has secrets he’s been keeping from Kayla. (yes, secrets with an S)

Not only is she dealing with Mario, but a past love has popped back up, and she has to decide whether or not she wants to go back down that road again.

But back to Brandon & Nevaeh.

Nevaeh has a crush on Kayla’s cousin, Montrell. They work at the same place, and she has dreams about this dude! Funny enough, he wants her too and she doesn’t even know it until Kayla’s party..where he lets it be known. He knows she’s married, but he also  believes Nevaeh is HIS.

Does she decide to say F her crappy marriage and jump Montrell’s bones? Or stay with Brandon’s “I work doubles but I’m always broke” head ass? Read this part…because…ohhhweee!

Read the book! 🙂

And after you read the book, find you a man like Montrell..He’s dreamy. *bats eyelashes*

I disliked Brandon so much, he was so trifling throughout the whole book, and so were a few other characters.  I wish I could have read more about Montrell and Nevaeh….oops.

And since I am being honest in these reviews. I will give you the bad.

It kept going back between first and third person during each scene so quickly, and there were some editing mistakes that I couldn’t overlook, so it took away from me getting into the story. I found myself going back multiple times to re-read and make sure I didn’t forget anything.

Click the title to cop I Get Good Loving From A Youngin by Mahasolin

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I Get Good Loving From A Youngin

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