You Ain’t The Only One, Trying To Be The Only One

Hey Hey Hey!

Late, but I’m back! Today’s book is You Ain’t The Only One, Trying To Be The Only One by my fellow Dallas native boo Ash Ley.


Um, let me say…I was hooked from the first couple of paragraphs!

The book starts off really juicy with Gia and Quincy together (you will understand why this is a mess in a minute…) at Quincy’s home. Everything seems to have went fine for the evening between these two…until his WIFE Raquel comes home early from her trip.

But the gag is…she knows he sleeps around…and she kind of don’t mind because she gets bangin’ “I’m Sorry” gifts.  She came home early on purpose. Gia, on the other hand is upset when she sees that Raquel is pregnant. Of course Quincy told her he doesn’t sleep with his wife anymore, so how could this be? (Because Raquel might be a thot thot thot)

Anyways…Gia ends up getting the cops called on her by Raquel, and we start back to the beginning with a flashback on how Gia and Quincy met.

Here we learn a little more background on Gia. She’s never met her parents, and her grandparents are the only caregivers she’s known. They take great care of her up until her grandfather passes, and her grandmother is diagnosed with brain cancer. After the life insurance from her grandfather’s death starts to dwindle, she starts looking for a job, and lands at Sinful Delights, a strip club that Quincy owns.

His right hand man Sean hires Gia, so Quincy knows nothing about her until he comes back from his trip. But when he DOES see her, he’s automatically uncomfortable because she doesn’t look old enough to work at the strip club. (She ends up actually only being 17..but you will have to read the book to get more tea)

So now that I gave ya’ll a lil snippet..let me tell you the good. It was a good book! The writing was great, the storyline was good, the characters were a mess. I grew to dislike Gia ass. She cried damn near every other page. I’m like suck that up and handle your business Gia…all that damn crying.  Tuh. I think every single woman in this book got on my last nerves. They all made dumb ass decisions, and wanted to cry about it afterwards.

You should never want to keep a man so bad that you let him step out on you!

The bad…isn’t really a bad. The book is pretty long…so it makes a good read when you space it out. Which explains why it took me an extra day to finish it because I wanted to make sure I enjoy the books before I give you my opinions. And it’s why I couldn’t spill much tea on the book. I would have ended up telling the entire book!

So grab it, click the title to get You Ain’t The Only One, Trying To Be The Only One by Ash Ley

99 Cents for Kindle, Free with Kindle Unlimited


You Ain’t The Only One, Trying To Be The Only One

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