Love, Lust & Secrets: A Chi-Town Love Affair

Ya’ll know what time it is!

Book review time!

Today’s book is Love, Lust & Secrets: A Chi-Town Love Affair by Manda P


I can’t spill too much, because I honestly want you to read it! This is so juicy! HA! Finally, a book where the man is damn near perfect and it’s the WOMAN holding secrets.

The main characters are Apu Washington and Aji Kint. Apu is one of the top stylists in Chicago. Hair is her life! Her IG is dedicated to the many heads she has done, and she is always doing research to perfect her craft. She’s about her business ya’ll! She’s made it a rule not to date anybody she works with, or any clients who come in…that is until she meets Aji.

Aji…sigh. Oh Aji. He’s a businessman, and single father to Ali. (I love these 3 letter names…so easy to remember) He has a community center dedicated to helping the youth, and when he’s not there, he’s with his son, teaching him how to be the perfect gentleman. But all is not perfect in his world, as he has to deal with bi-polar baby mama Veda, who wants nothing more than for them to be a family. She reminds me of somebody I know in real life, but this is a review…not a shadefest.

Anyways. He comes across Apu during her lunch run, and again when he ends up being her client. She tries to uphold her rule, but he eventually breaks her down. They start (slowly, but surely) falling for one another, but Apu has a second job that nobody knows about. I mean some people know but they don’t KNOW KNOW.

Babayyyyy….that second job threw me for a loop. Manda…why you do me like that? I thought it would have been a secret child…a hidden penis…something…(I’m kidding….I’m kidding)

But like I was saying…she has another “job” nobody knows about, as she goes to great lengths to keep those 2 worlds apart. Like my luck, as soon as her contract is almost up, someone is leaving her clues that they know who she is.

They don’t want to burst her bubble though…they just want her. And they are going to get her. Even if it’s involuntary.


I know, I know.

But Robyn…

What’s her second job?

Who wants her?

What you mean involuntary?

What happens with Aji?

Read. The. Book.

Love, Lust & Secrets: A Chi-Town Love Affair by Manda P

99 Cents on Kindle, FREE with Kindle Unlimited

This book..was everything. It’s a banger! (Did you know you can’t hashtag banger? I tried…and IG shut me down ya’ll) I read the whole thing, even with my son scratching me to the Gods. So good I’m ready to stop typing so I can read part 2 (yup, there’s a part 2 boos)


Love, Lust & Secrets: A Chi-Town Love Affair

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