A Bawss Love Story : Empress and Scar

Hey hey hey!

Back at it again with another review.

I’ve been super salty today because I wanted to go see this author, but other things got in the way.

She is everything ya’ll….she gives me life! And she is one of my FAVES! For real for real.

Oh, we talking about the book tho. HA! The book for today is A Bawss Love Story: Empress and Scar by Joi Miner


Um…I don’t even know where to begin guys. This book had me all the way in my feels.

Like all the way in my feels.

The book has multiple characters, but I will try to focus on Empress. The book is a standalone, so it’s pretty long.

Shatika “Empress” Tibideaux is married to Jayontae “Tae” Tibideaux and they have built an empire together. (an illegal one, but an empire nevertheless) The book starts off with everything going smooth until the Feds come and this is where it gets interesting.

Empress decides to take the charge for Tae (he begs her multiple times to let him do it, but you will learn that she is hella stubborn and does what she wants to do), but she wants to ride or die for her man. (not me, tuh…he woulda been in there…but then it wouldn’t be much of a story now would it?)

She ends up getting a few years, and things don’t work in her favor while on the inside. She has one of the CO’s sleeping with her husband (the reason escapes me right now because I’m hype)…and this particular CO ends up pregnant, and Tae ends up leaving Empress ass in there while he is parading this heffa around town.

Once she gets out, sigh…basically ya’ll Tae ain’t shit.

For MULTIPLE reasons.

He tries to kill his mother.

He has multiple women doing his dirty work.

He turns his back on his wife and her brother, who helped him when he had nothing.

He wants to raise his children to become lil demons.

He doesn’t give a damn about nobody but himself.

He’s a snitch.

He’s a bitch.

OK. Now that I got that out the way. Let’s talk about Scar right quick. Carangelo “Scar” de la Cruz is heir to a cartel in the DR, and his father is on the run and left Carangelo in Empress’ brother, Show, care. Obviously, he falls in love with Empress, but she has her head so far up Tae’s ass, she pays him no mind until Tae shows how much of an evil troll he is…and it’s up to her to end his reign of terror.

Which was frustrating as hell, because one of my favorite characters die…and I feel it could have been avoided had Empress stopped being a chump.

But I understand.

Who is my favorite character you ask? Tae’s mother.

Read the book to find why. 🙂

It’s a long book, like I said…but it’s VERY entertaining. And I’m not just saying that because it’s Joi. I found myself laughing, being mad, being annoyed…I even cried a few times. I became emotionally attached to some of these characters. I felt Pablo’s pain. I wanted to KILL Tae. I wanted to slap Empress a few times.

I wish, however…that I was able to read more about Empress and Scar…I NEED a follow up on them…pretty please Ms. Joi?

Click the link to read A Bawss Love Story: Empress and Scar by Joi Miner.

99 Cents on Kindle, FREE with Kindle Unlimited

And then let me know what you thought!

A Bawss Love Story : Empress and Scar

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