Jonesing: Pseudo Love

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Today’s book is Jonesing: Pseudo Love by Keys


If you’ve read Medicinal Love by Keys, then you should be familiar with “Jones” aka Blair. (And you already know about the nursing…so I won’t spend too much time on that)

This is basically a standalone book based on her character, explaining why she is the way she is. Her mother Delores Jones….was a strange woman. You could tell she didn’t really too much wanna deal with Jones, as she does enough to keep her alive. lol

Like most children, she longs for a mother she can learn from and talk to about…well, anything. Luckily for her, her dad, Vincent Jones, is a dream! He showers her with affection, tries to give her candy after dinner (I say tries bc Delores be waiting for that ass around the corned for the butterscotch)

Eventually Delores and Vincent divorces, and Vincent drops the bomb that he is not Jones’ biological father, but when she asks him if Delores is really her mother, he goes into hush mode.

Jones finally becomes free, goes off to college, and starts wildin’ out. She meets a few dudes….a few women…(including this one crazy heffa they call Gerry), a few friends…loses one of those friends…but gains a lifetime friend, Sky…who even helps her figure out the whole Delores mystery.

Which is basically the main plot of the book. IS Delores Jones’ mother???

She certainly doesn’t act like one, and she does several shady things throughout the book until Vincent passes and Jones decides she has had enough of her shit. She drops a bomb on her own that she knows who Delores really is.

There goes that Robyn being a vague again.

Point is, Delores made me want to slap her to sleep, and Jones’…I wanted her to get it together. She reminded me of Nurse Jackie…if you’ve seen that show, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The book seemed way longer that the 210 pages Kindle told me it was. I found myself itching to get to the end to see what was up with Delores. She was really strange, but reminded me of someone…so I had my own personal issues with this character.

I wish they would have maybe touched more on why Delores did what she did, and why she treated Jones how she treated her. I feel like their resolve was way too quick, and once other characters moved in, the book started to move into another direction. I didn’t care for some of the characters taking up space in the book and then disappearing, and the ending left me wondering if there will be another book attached to these characters.

All in all, it was a different read. Not like anything I’ve reviewed so far!

So, click the link to read Jonesing: Pseudo Love by Keys

$5.99 on Kindle, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Jonesing: Pseudo Love

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