Lyric’s Epic Love Story

Hey ya’ll!

Back at it again with another review.

Today’s review is Lyric’s Epic Love Story by Nek Hickmon.


First…let me just say, I’m sitting here mad as hell at Nek because she left me hanging in this book. I was soooo ready to keep reading until she hits my ass with a “To be continued”

We are friends on FB…so I WILL harrass you if I don’t get another book soon! HA!

OK, now that I got that out the way lemme tell you…

The book’s main characters are Lyric and Epic (clever title makes sense now right?)

Lyric, at the beginning of the book, is on the cusp of graduating high school, and has plans to move out her mother’s house. She’s been selling pills and saving up so she can do just that. In the beginning of the book, you can tell off the bat why she’s ready to move, and I don’t blame her.

First, her raggedy ass sister Kaliyah is always taking her clothes and wearing them…which lets you know she’s disrespectful as hell. And if that’s not enough for you, the heffa is sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend Paul! Tsk.

Anyways, Lyric befriends Epic when he starts selling with her, and she shows him the ropes. They become best friends, despite the small age difference. Eventually they fall for each other, but Epic already has a girlfriend he doesn’t really want to let go (doesn’t want to hurt her …tuh)

The girlfriend’s name is Shae, and she got on my nerves. I see why her and Kaliyah became “friends.” Both of them had 2 things in common: they wanted Epic, and they HATED Lyric. (Read the book to learn more about that) Epic eventually tells Shae to kick rocks, but that’s not it for her. She sets out a plan in motion, with the help of Kane to get Epic back and Lyric out his face.

So of course, once Lyric and Epic are official, bad things start to happen. Somebody is out to get his mother, somebody is out to get him, and somebody snatches Lyric.

But Robyn…

Who takes Lyric?

🙂 That’s for me to know, and you to find out.

This book was everything. It was fluid…every scene moved nicely and fit perfectly together. Nothing seemed rush. It gave a nice element of surprise because I was NOT expecting some of the things that happened, to happen.

I’m glad that it ended the way it did..not really a happy ending, but leaves you anticipating the next book to find out what’s going to happen to these characters.

It’s funny..because I follow Nek, and she seemed so anxious and nervous about the book coming out, and I was reading it thinking, “Girl what was you nervous for????? This book is good af!”

My only complaint…is that there weren’t anymore pages and now I gotta wait. HA

This book just reminds you that not all family cares about you, and sometimes crazy women just can’t let go and will stop at NOTHING to either get you back or ruin your life.

Click the link to buy Lyric’s Epic Love Story by Nek Hickmon

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Lyric’s Epic Love Story

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