The Other Woman’s Heart: 1 & 2

Today’s book…is actually kinda 2 since I won’t be doing a review tomorrow. (I say kinda because I don’t want to spill much of 2)

The Other Woman’s Heart 1 & 2: She’s My Forever, He’s My Eternity by Ashley Robinson

Okay, let’s jump right into it. The book has a few characters, but the main ones I’ll focus on right now are Westley Gibson and Reagan Holland.

Westley is an entrepreneur (owns his own trucking company) married to attorney Janet Gibson, and they have 2 kids. From the jump, you can tell Janet is kinda snooty, and only cares about money, and it’s mentioned many times that Janet does things only on her time. For instance, Westley tells her they should try counseling, and she scoffs at the idea until later on in the book…but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Reagan is a school teacher, and an aspiring author. She also has a son, and a best friend London. (She has her own set of problems chile, but you will have to read the book) She loves her job, but she also loves writing and has been looking for a way to get her big break.

Now that I’ve given you a little run down on these two, let’s get down to business. Westley has been tired of how Janet treats him like a third child instead of her husband…so he comes across Reagan, who is everything he wants and needs Janet to be for him. She’s supportive, caring, and tends to his needs. She treats him like a man. Of course Westley promises her that he will get a divorce, but after 4 years of waiting…it doesn’t look to be happening.

The difference in this story is…Westley actually really DOES want a divorce! But with Janet being a lawyer, and his business popping off, he knows she will take him to the cleaners.

Reagan ends up meeting publisher Grant, who take her under his wings, and with the push of London, they get a little close…which lights a fire under Westley’s ass to make his decision to leave his wife.

Under law, however…they have to go to counseling/mediation for a year. (Janet knows this of course…so the ball is in her court) This puts yet another hold on Reagan and Westley being together out in the open.

Janet eventually finds out about the affair through Terrence…Westley’s best friend and accountant! He goes through great lengths to find information on Reagan, conversations between her and Westley, her and London…everything.

Why is he doing this? Because he’s in love with Janet. HAHAHA! Terrence was a crazy hot mess…I couldn’t stand him. Honestly, in the beginning, I was guessing he was gay and wanted Westley for himself.

(I’m leaving out the divorce proceedings out for a reason….read it…READ IT! It’s juicy)

Anyways, the book ends with Grant waiting on a decision from Reagan to move away and start fresh…and Westley proposing to her.

My issue with the book: The editing was weird. Lots of misspelled words, and in certain chapters, the words were really huge and would fade back into a decent reading size after a few pages, and there were hardly any paragraph breaks, making it really difficult to read. I became frustrated and struggled trying to finish the book. I started reading Thursday night and didn’t finish until 3 this morning. It was a bummer because it was a really good story. I was hooked from the first page!

—- PART 2 —-

Reagan tells Westley yes, and completely blows Grant off…

BUT..she has to talk to him because he is the publisher. (duh) They end up getting close again after the engagement goes up in flames when Janet pops up pregnant, claiming the baby belongs to…*drumroll please*


So again, Grant wants her to move…

And she does.

But this time…she’s the wife. And not the side chick.


Yes, I know I like to leave you guys hanging, but I don’t like spoiling ALL of the good stuff 🙂

Part 2 was formatted MUCH better and it was easier to read. I finished part 2 in like 35-40 minutes! It did seem a little rushed, but I think that was my judgment considering I was reading it at 4 in the morning. LOL! I’m glad Reagan finally got her happy ending, and Grant seemed like a really great guy. Westley seemed like a great guy too, he just didn’t have the ability to love the way he wanted to.

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The Other Woman’s Heart: 1 & 2

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