By Any Means:Going Against The Grain

What’s up yall? Hope everybody is doing well, living well, drinking water and all that…

But back to what’s important. This review tho.

Today’s book is By Any Means: Going Against The Grain by TN Jones


I’ll try to keep it brief, because there’s never a dull moment in the book.

The book starts off with main character Michelle Brockton. Exceptional single mother, in school, has a wonderful job, a beautiful 6 year old daughter, and a loving best friend who is always there for her when she needs her. She also has a brother, Mitchell, who has been exiled from the family for wanting to be with a white woman….I guess that put shame on the family name.

But anyways…

Things take a terrible turn when Michelle ends up losing her job due to scandal and crime, and it causes her parents to turn their backs on her. Needing a way to pay for everyday living, as well as school, she decides to turn to her best friend for help, and to see if she can work with her.

(Her best friend Sayvton is a hostess for BDSM gatherings, which is something Michelle turned her nose up at towards the beginning of the book.)

Moving on to Jeffrey Lawrence, the son of the Governor, and business owner. He wants Michelle badly, and the feeling appears to be mutual even though neither one of them says a word to each other. Seriously, Jeffrey will sit at the park on Michelle’s lunch break to just stare and admire her. In reality, that’s creepy as hell, but TN writes it in a way that it’s romantic.

He’s stuck in a loveless marriage, being practically forced into a relationship with his wife Jolene, who isn’t his cup of tea at all….as he prefers sistas 🙂

But like Michelle’s family, the good Governor doesn’t want his name ruined, so Jolene will have to do…until Jeffrey decides he doesn’t care anymore and wants to live his truth and be with the one lady he truly wants.

First off, let me just say….this is what 50 Shades WISH it was. I don’t think I’ve read anything like this, and I mean that in a good way. I tip my hat (or…my wig, because chile I don’t even wear hats) off to Ms. TN Jones because this book was AMAZINGGG!! I can see this book being turned into a movie for real….it could even be a show!

I felt like I was super involved…it’s a lot of realistic things happening in this book, and it sheds light on the dirty dealings of how some of these people operate when they are in a position of power.

The ending had me jumping up and down because whoever is plotting on Jeffrey did it with such finesse…..and she cut it off in a way that has me really itching to see what the hell is going to happen to EVERYBODY, because everybody got some type of drama going on in the book.

There was a tiny scene in the book that made me laugh (I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be funny) when Jeffrey goes in on Jolene and talks about her pale vagina. I hollered!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK! I swear, you won’t regret it! And when you done, go find you a white man….cuz they in right now.

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By Any Means:Going Against The Grain

I’ll Love You Till Death

What’s up fam?

Back again with another review! Today’s book is I’ll Love You Till Death by She’ Marie.


Let me just begin by saying I assumed this book was about domestic violence based on the title..I was wrong…somewhat. LOL!

The main character is Sasha Parham, and it starts off with her getting released from prison after being there for 5 years due to drugs (read the book for the backstory on that) and returning home to be reunited with her boo, drug kingpin, Sean aka the Dope Man.

Basically the book revolves around Sasha and Sean’s frustrating ass relationship. Sean obviously has an issue staying faithful, as he was doing this and that with females while Sasha was locked down. But now that she’s back, he’s having a hard time adjusting that part of his life. And it gets even more difficult when he tells Sasha that there’s a woman claiming she’s pregnant with his baby.

The woman constantly taunts Sasha, and even manages to jump her while SASHA is pregnant, and she ends up going into labor early, delivering a little baby girl.

You also see throughout the book, Sasha longing to be something, somebody besides the girlfriend of a kingpin. She wants to have something of her own, so Sean opens up a shop for her, but it seems to be more so her sister’s shop as the book progresses, because she’s always there, and Sasha is always dealing with Sean’s BS.

There’s also many times where she leaves…but comes right back and it was just getting on my last nerve. Like Sasha…get it together girl! It’s obvious Sean feels like he can do whatever he wants because he provides a lifestyle more people would kill for.

The book really didn’t get interesting until the end, when Sasha reveals something to Sean, and pulls a gun on him. The gun goes off, and it ends with her putting the gun to HER head…and then She’ hits me with a “what happened?”

But luckily, there is a part 2 so I can find out if she pulled the trigger  🙂

I do feel like there were 2 major scenes in the book that should have been explained more…I felt they happened and then it was brushed off like they were not a big deal. I feel those 2 incidents could have developed Sasha’s character a little more. My soul is black, so I have no problem dismissing people…so I do wish she would have requested a little more respect from Sean or left him for real.

But other than that, it was a pretty good read.

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I’ll Love You Till Death

Leaving My Heart In Your Hands

Hey ya’ll hey!

Back from a brief hiatus! I had to get my mind right after reading nonstop for a month straight, but I’m ready and somewhat refreshed.

Today’s book is Leaving My Heart In Your Hands by J. Renee


The book’s main characters are Lavish and Brielle, 2 best friends who moved from New York to Atlanta for a fresh start…and to attend college.

You get a brief look at their lives in this book. Lavish and Brielle became close after Brielle comes to stay with Lavish and her foster parents after Brielle’s father gets sent to jail, and her aunt is revealed to be a lazy, trifling heffa with a nasty, perverted boyfriend.

Brielle has a passion for fashion, but decides to attend school for criminal justice, as her father is being accused of something he didn’t do, and after 10 years, she is more than determined to bring him home. However, this consumes her to the point she doesn’t really have a life, and given what happened to her when she was younger, she isn’t really interested in having a love life.

Lavish ended up in foster care after her mother passed, and for the most part takes care of herself and Brielle with the money she received upon her mother’s death. Lavish ends up having a hard time letting go of her former love, Diante, after he ends up in jail…and wants her to forget about him.  That’s easier said than done for her which is crazy because she still thinks about this dude even after 4 years!

That slowly fades away though after she decides to give Versailles a try, and he turns out to be the best thing to happen to her!

Brielle also decides to find love with Versailles’ friend, Romello.

From this point on in the book, life is going pretty good for them, they graduate, Lavish has a job waiting for her, and they decide to go back to New York for a while. Brielle manages to even find one of the best lawyer’s for her dad, and he even offers her a job.

The book ends with you wondering what happens to Lavish after she leaves the club in a haste from seeing Diante I’m guessing 🙂

Overall, the book was a refreshing read. These were some goal oriented people, and the men were so romantic. I love my fair share of drug dealers, side chicks, and super thots, but this was a nice pace from the norm.

There was a scene in the book that had me in tears. I laughed so hard when Lavish beat Carla and her friends up in the bathroom! It was funny as hell, and I don’t know if the author intended for it to be funny, but it was hilarious!

I am looking forward to find out more about Brielle and her father’s case though…that interested me more than Lavish and what she had going on to be honest.

Lavish seemed a little boring for some reason. I was way more into Brielle.

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Leaving My Heart In Your Hands

Sweeter Than Our First Kiss: Review

Hi Dolls!

Back at you with another review before I start studying. The second book of the week is titled Sweeter Than Our First Kiss: A Thug’s Passion by Ro. J.


It starts off with couple Unique and ‘Diesel’; been together 2 years and they are so in love, it’s disgusting. LOL Diesel is in LOVE with Unique ya’ll. That is his queen and there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for her. He’s out there making big moves with a couple of guys he calls family, so that they all can eat.  After all, he has Unique and his sister Showtime to look after.

Unique is just as much as in love with Diesel as he is with her. She’s his true ride or die chick. She’s not your typical “I’m gonna lay up all day while my man hustles to take care of me”. Nope.  Unique has her own dreams of opening up her salon, Unique Styles.

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse during a special night Diesel has set up for his Queen, and he ends up getting shot. Like the previous story I reviewed, Unique is devestated, and she’s having a hard time moving on…until she meets DJ six months later. She sees something in him that reminds her of Diesel, and obviously it’s a struggle deciding if it’s too soon to give love another try.

There’s another character in the book who looks at Unique as his Queen as well….Jody’s dusty ass. He is infatuated with Unique and won’t stop trying until he gets her. He sees himself as the one that should have had her first, and shows you that nobody in the game is loyal. I hated his character with a passion…You know your writing is on point if you can make the reader hate or love a character!

Halfway through the book, there is a shock factor, and BABAYYYYY it threw me for a loop, because I wasn’t expecting it at all. I literally had to go back and re-read the part to make sure I was reading it right. And if I tell you what it is, there is no point in you reading for yourself….but trust me…I’m a professional reader…it’s a good one. HAHAHA

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. I stayed up all night just so I could finish it, and ended up passing out when I only had 12 pages left (Boo!) This was amazing for it to be her first book.

So go check it out, and let me know what you think. It’s available for free with Kindle Unlimited and only 99 cents if you don’t have KU! 99 CENTS!

(Also, don’t forget to follow Roshonda Jenkins so you can be the first to know when part 2 is coming…she got me all ready…I was mad as hell when the book ended and I saw that “to be continued”)


Sweeter Than Our First Kiss: Review

Freetress Kitron Wig Review!



Hi Dolls!

Yesterday, I wrote about a serious topic…So I wanted to lighten the mood a little with a quick wig review! I’m natural, and I recently just big chopped again, so wigs have been my go to when I don’t feel like waiting for my wash and go’s to dry. I love wigs so much, as I can change up my color, cut, and style, all without messing with MY actual hair.

I’ve had this wig for a while…I haven’t worn it yet either. It’s super hot in Texas right now and this is a lot of hair. Scratch that, a TON of hair. It’s going to be a wig for you if you want to feel like BeyoncĂ©..Diana Ross…Chaka Khan…somebody! She (yes, she) is made by Freetress, and her name is Kitron. I got her online from a few months ago for 26.99! So she is super affordable. (I’m not being sponsored…I’m broke ya’ll.)
I do, however, recommend that you order her from another site if you decide to try her out. My experience with Sistawigs was frustrating as hell, but that’s another blog for another day honey.

But back to the review.

She’s has an invisible deep L shaped part, and it’s very natural looking (Granted that you add some concealer so it matches your scalp…don’t play yourself and skip this step). I did have to tweeze a few hairs out, and she comes with a few baby hairs (the website called them bangs, but they are not that full for me to be calling them wisps of hair bangs) for all you baby hair lovers out there. (I see you, boo!)
There’s lace around the hairline, with 2 front and 2 back combs, and an adjustable strap. She is also curling iron safe up to 400 degrees. I got her in the color OH227144, and she is gorgeous! I absolutely love her. She’s super soft, and feels light on my head. I don’t even feel like I’m wearing a wig when I put her on. Just feels like silk, and I never want to take her off! (But you have to Robyn…you have to…It’s hot as hell right now)

Warning: I will advise you that if you do not like big hair…this wig fluffs up with time. It is seriously a lot of hair. And not only is it a lot of hair, it’s pretty long too. If you’re short like me, you might want to cut her like I did. (I don’t promote violence though!) I’m 5’1″, and before I cut her, she reached my bellybutton. I had to cut a few inches off so I could handle her without feeling like I was being drowned in synthetic fibers…No shade.
That is my only con about this wig. I can’t hold my terrible experience with the company over her, so I won’t. I will most definitely be buying her again when it cools off. Drop a line and let me know if you’ve ever worn her. Or ya know, if you buy her and love her like I do!


Freetress Kitron Wig Review!