Ain’t No Secret Safe In The Dark

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Back at it again with another review…and this one…whew…caught me off guard!

Today’s book is Ain’t No Secret Safe In The Dark by Sharmeka Ballard


First, let me just say…this book gave me life!

I can’t really explain it, but it was a different read in terms of how it was written. I like how there were different characters, but it focused on one person so I didn’t feel like I HAD to keep up with multiple characters. (Not a bad thing, but it was a pleasant from the norm)

The only issue I had with the book, was the ending felt rushed, and got rid of one of the characters without really going into detail as to why.  It felt like it ended too soon. Maybe it’s me being greedy, but there were a few things still left to be resolved.

The book has three characters she focuses on, who all happen to be best friends:

Joy, a boutique owner who is going through a divorce during the beginning of the book from her husband of seven years. This is particularly messy because her husband, Paul cheated on her AND had a baby with the woman. It looks like Joy still wants Paul throughout the book, but you find that to be false halfway through. Joy has been seeing someone for over a year, and when the divorce is finally final, she still doesn’t want to let everyone know who her new man is….because…it’s somebody she has NO business dating. LMAO….I had my mouth open for that reveal.

Keyshia is the fast paced friend…the one who wants to do whatever and whomever she pleases because you only live once. And that’s all fine and dandy until the girls go on an out of town trip, and something happens to her that puts a stop to how she lives. It gets even worse when she finds out she’s pregnant, and gets another piece of news that will change her life forever. It’s a true cautionary tale to live your life, but to not be reckless with it.

And last, we have Cheryl, the therapist who can give the best advice in the world, but certainly cannot take her own. She finds out her husband Chuck is cheating…not only cheating, but with a friend of the family. This causes her demeanor to change, and she ends up having an affair of her own.

Now pause.

When she started having this affair, I assumed it would be the husband of somebody we already knew in the book, but I was hella wrong. There’s a bigger secret that’s much juicier than what I thought. You will definitely need to read to find that out….because….um Sharmeka had me thinking I solved the case already LOL!

Cheryl….lemme tell ya’ll…she went IN on Chuck multiple times throughout the book. She cussed dude out so bad, she started to hurt MY feelings! It wasn’t meant to be funny, but I found myself chuckling a lot. She reminds me a lot of myself when I’m upset and felt I’ve been done wrong.

I did admire the friendship these 3 ladies had, and I wish they had the strength to let each other know what was going on in their lives. I felt if they had that support, things could have gone a little differently. (look at me talking like this ain’t a book)

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, finished it sick and all.

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Ain’t No Secret Safe In The Dark

I’ll Love You Till Death

What’s up fam?

Back again with another review! Today’s book is I’ll Love You Till Death by She’ Marie.


Let me just begin by saying I assumed this book was about domestic violence based on the title..I was wrong…somewhat. LOL!

The main character is Sasha Parham, and it starts off with her getting released from prison after being there for 5 years due to drugs (read the book for the backstory on that) and returning home to be reunited with her boo, drug kingpin, Sean aka the Dope Man.

Basically the book revolves around Sasha and Sean’s frustrating ass relationship. Sean obviously has an issue staying faithful, as he was doing this and that with females while Sasha was locked down. But now that she’s back, he’s having a hard time adjusting that part of his life. And it gets even more difficult when he tells Sasha that there’s a woman claiming she’s pregnant with his baby.

The woman constantly taunts Sasha, and even manages to jump her while SASHA is pregnant, and she ends up going into labor early, delivering a little baby girl.

You also see throughout the book, Sasha longing to be something, somebody besides the girlfriend of a kingpin. She wants to have something of her own, so Sean opens up a shop for her, but it seems to be more so her sister’s shop as the book progresses, because she’s always there, and Sasha is always dealing with Sean’s BS.

There’s also many times where she leaves…but comes right back and it was just getting on my last nerve. Like Sasha…get it together girl! It’s obvious Sean feels like he can do whatever he wants because he provides a lifestyle more people would kill for.

The book really didn’t get interesting until the end, when Sasha reveals something to Sean, and pulls a gun on him. The gun goes off, and it ends with her putting the gun to HER head…and then She’ hits me with a “what happened?”

But luckily, there is a part 2 so I can find out if she pulled the trigger  🙂

I do feel like there were 2 major scenes in the book that should have been explained more…I felt they happened and then it was brushed off like they were not a big deal. I feel those 2 incidents could have developed Sasha’s character a little more. My soul is black, so I have no problem dismissing people…so I do wish she would have requested a little more respect from Sean or left him for real.

But other than that, it was a pretty good read.

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I’ll Love You Till Death

Leaving My Heart In Your Hands

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Back from a brief hiatus! I had to get my mind right after reading nonstop for a month straight, but I’m ready and somewhat refreshed.

Today’s book is Leaving My Heart In Your Hands by J. Renee


The book’s main characters are Lavish and Brielle, 2 best friends who moved from New York to Atlanta for a fresh start…and to attend college.

You get a brief look at their lives in this book. Lavish and Brielle became close after Brielle comes to stay with Lavish and her foster parents after Brielle’s father gets sent to jail, and her aunt is revealed to be a lazy, trifling heffa with a nasty, perverted boyfriend.

Brielle has a passion for fashion, but decides to attend school for criminal justice, as her father is being accused of something he didn’t do, and after 10 years, she is more than determined to bring him home. However, this consumes her to the point she doesn’t really have a life, and given what happened to her when she was younger, she isn’t really interested in having a love life.

Lavish ended up in foster care after her mother passed, and for the most part takes care of herself and Brielle with the money she received upon her mother’s death. Lavish ends up having a hard time letting go of her former love, Diante, after he ends up in jail…and wants her to forget about him.  That’s easier said than done for her which is crazy because she still thinks about this dude even after 4 years!

That slowly fades away though after she decides to give Versailles a try, and he turns out to be the best thing to happen to her!

Brielle also decides to find love with Versailles’ friend, Romello.

From this point on in the book, life is going pretty good for them, they graduate, Lavish has a job waiting for her, and they decide to go back to New York for a while. Brielle manages to even find one of the best lawyer’s for her dad, and he even offers her a job.

The book ends with you wondering what happens to Lavish after she leaves the club in a haste from seeing Diante I’m guessing 🙂

Overall, the book was a refreshing read. These were some goal oriented people, and the men were so romantic. I love my fair share of drug dealers, side chicks, and super thots, but this was a nice pace from the norm.

There was a scene in the book that had me in tears. I laughed so hard when Lavish beat Carla and her friends up in the bathroom! It was funny as hell, and I don’t know if the author intended for it to be funny, but it was hilarious!

I am looking forward to find out more about Brielle and her father’s case though…that interested me more than Lavish and what she had going on to be honest.

Lavish seemed a little boring for some reason. I was way more into Brielle.

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Leaving My Heart In Your Hands

Gangsta’s Paradise

Today’s book is Gangsta’s Paradise by Latoya Nicole


First, let me say…Latoya…I need part 2 like…right now. NOW…NOW…NOW!

I’m gonna be honest…first half of the book…I was thinking these characters are weird and crazy, I don’t wanna read anymore. And then I got invested and wanted to find out what was going to happen next!

These are some of the characters from her No Way Out series, but you do NOT have to read those 2 books to understand what’s going on, but trust me, after you read this book, you will want to go back and read them like I’m going to.

Ok, Ok…so let me tell you.

The book starts of with heiress to the Garzon cartel, Paradise Garzon being sent away to the States to go live with her aunt until it is safe for her to return again.

Her aunt happens to live on the same block as Suave (Kendyl) and Gangsta (Kenneth), where she meets Gangsta twice in the same day. Once, when he asks for her number, and again when he ends up saving her from her aunt’s perverted boyfriend.

….At that moment, Paradise realizes Gangsta is bout as crazy as her ass, and she is dead set on “training” him to unlock his true potential and make him one of the most feared men in the world.

I’m leaving the incident out that unlocks this because: 1. I don’t want to spoil it 2. It’s disturbing lol All I can say is that they have some fucked up parents!


Suave ends up giving Gangsta money to leave since he cannot contain the demon inside him, and he doesn’t want him messing up his chance at becoming the drug lord he wants to be, and that puts the nail in the coffin for Gangsta’s emotions.

The book fast forwards to 10 years later, and Gangsta is now 29, feared like no other, and is one of the most sought out contract killers. Paradise trained him so well, he shows no emotion, and now it’s starting to bother her (ugh, women)

Now she wants children and affection, but Gangsta cannot offer either, and he tells her that multiple times.

Little does he know, there’s someone in his life that is plotting against him and wants to be feared just like he is….so they take Paradise and Gangsta has to call on Suave after all these years for help.

And the crazy thing about this all…is that I ended up loving Tank (Suave’s wife) She seemed like the only person in this book with some sense!! LOL! I wanted to beat Gangsta in the head so many times because it was obvious who had Paradise and he just kept looking the other way.  But Tank and Suave seemed to be on it immediately.

By the end of the book, Paradise still isn’t found, Suave is all shot up, and Gangsta finds out who is behind this finally!

This was a really good book you guys. I wasn’t bored, it was easy to read, I was entertained. I was disturbed. I was mad. I was happy. I loved it all! And now I want to read more about Tank because she became my favorite! And that’s what being a good author is all about. You know you are doing the damn thing when you make people want to go back and read the other books you have!

But for real Latoya, I need part 2…I know you said it’s coming…but…I don’t know if I can wait until next week!

Click the link to buy Gangsta’s Paradise by Latoya Nicole

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Gangsta’s Paradise

The Other Woman’s Heart: 1 & 2

Today’s book…is actually kinda 2 since I won’t be doing a review tomorrow. (I say kinda because I don’t want to spill much of 2)

The Other Woman’s Heart 1 & 2: She’s My Forever, He’s My Eternity by Ashley Robinson

Okay, let’s jump right into it. The book has a few characters, but the main ones I’ll focus on right now are Westley Gibson and Reagan Holland.

Westley is an entrepreneur (owns his own trucking company) married to attorney Janet Gibson, and they have 2 kids. From the jump, you can tell Janet is kinda snooty, and only cares about money, and it’s mentioned many times that Janet does things only on her time. For instance, Westley tells her they should try counseling, and she scoffs at the idea until later on in the book…but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Reagan is a school teacher, and an aspiring author. She also has a son, and a best friend London. (She has her own set of problems chile, but you will have to read the book) She loves her job, but she also loves writing and has been looking for a way to get her big break.

Now that I’ve given you a little run down on these two, let’s get down to business. Westley has been tired of how Janet treats him like a third child instead of her husband…so he comes across Reagan, who is everything he wants and needs Janet to be for him. She’s supportive, caring, and tends to his needs. She treats him like a man. Of course Westley promises her that he will get a divorce, but after 4 years of waiting…it doesn’t look to be happening.

The difference in this story is…Westley actually really DOES want a divorce! But with Janet being a lawyer, and his business popping off, he knows she will take him to the cleaners.

Reagan ends up meeting publisher Grant, who take her under his wings, and with the push of London, they get a little close…which lights a fire under Westley’s ass to make his decision to leave his wife.

Under law, however…they have to go to counseling/mediation for a year. (Janet knows this of course…so the ball is in her court) This puts yet another hold on Reagan and Westley being together out in the open.

Janet eventually finds out about the affair through Terrence…Westley’s best friend and accountant! He goes through great lengths to find information on Reagan, conversations between her and Westley, her and London…everything.

Why is he doing this? Because he’s in love with Janet. HAHAHA! Terrence was a crazy hot mess…I couldn’t stand him. Honestly, in the beginning, I was guessing he was gay and wanted Westley for himself.

(I’m leaving out the divorce proceedings out for a reason….read it…READ IT! It’s juicy)

Anyways, the book ends with Grant waiting on a decision from Reagan to move away and start fresh…and Westley proposing to her.

My issue with the book: The editing was weird. Lots of misspelled words, and in certain chapters, the words were really huge and would fade back into a decent reading size after a few pages, and there were hardly any paragraph breaks, making it really difficult to read. I became frustrated and struggled trying to finish the book. I started reading Thursday night and didn’t finish until 3 this morning. It was a bummer because it was a really good story. I was hooked from the first page!

—- PART 2 —-

Reagan tells Westley yes, and completely blows Grant off…

BUT..she has to talk to him because he is the publisher. (duh) They end up getting close again after the engagement goes up in flames when Janet pops up pregnant, claiming the baby belongs to…*drumroll please*


So again, Grant wants her to move…

And she does.

But this time…she’s the wife. And not the side chick.


Yes, I know I like to leave you guys hanging, but I don’t like spoiling ALL of the good stuff 🙂

Part 2 was formatted MUCH better and it was easier to read. I finished part 2 in like 35-40 minutes! It did seem a little rushed, but I think that was my judgment considering I was reading it at 4 in the morning. LOL! I’m glad Reagan finally got her happy ending, and Grant seemed like a really great guy. Westley seemed like a great guy too, he just didn’t have the ability to love the way he wanted to.

Click the link to cop The Other Woman’s Heart by Ashley Robinson

$2.99 on Kindle App, FREE with Kindle Unlmited

then click for part 2 The Other Woman’s Heart 2 by Ashley Robinson

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The Other Woman’s Heart: 1 & 2

Secrets of a Side Nigga: Episode 1

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Back with another review!!!

This is gonna be a quick one because the book itself is pretty short!

Today’s book is Secrets of a Side Nigga: Episode 1 by Quan Millz!


Okay…lol…so the book is about Rodney Williams aka “A-Rod”…he just got out of prison for movin’ weight.

Obviously, being a’s hard to find steady work that pays decent, and he doesn’t want to go back to the streets so he asks his friend for suggestions.

LMAO! So here’s the catch…his friend’s sister Meka…has a business, and she wants to hire Rodney.

He has nowhere to stay, no money…nothing. So he takes her up on her offer.

I’m laughing because Rodney thinks Meka is 9 years old!

This book is a hot ass mess, and I’m pretty sure Quan did this on purpose…

My side was hurting the whole time I was reading it because it was that crazy!!! Rodney talking about Meka had me in tears. Now I’m wondering what’s up with her.

Is it weird I want to read more about Boss Bitch Meka??? LMAO!

Short people, 9 year olds, 20 inch penises….it’s hilarious.

It’s a short read…so read it! It made me laugh, and got me pumped for the day.

Click the link to cop Secrets of a Side Nigga: Episode 1 by Quan Millz

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Secrets of a Side Nigga: Episode 1

A Bawss Love Story : Empress and Scar

Hey hey hey!

Back at it again with another review.

I’ve been super salty today because I wanted to go see this author, but other things got in the way.

She is everything ya’ll….she gives me life! And she is one of my FAVES! For real for real.

Oh, we talking about the book tho. HA! The book for today is A Bawss Love Story: Empress and Scar by Joi Miner


Um…I don’t even know where to begin guys. This book had me all the way in my feels.

Like all the way in my feels.

The book has multiple characters, but I will try to focus on Empress. The book is a standalone, so it’s pretty long.

Shatika “Empress” Tibideaux is married to Jayontae “Tae” Tibideaux and they have built an empire together. (an illegal one, but an empire nevertheless) The book starts off with everything going smooth until the Feds come and this is where it gets interesting.

Empress decides to take the charge for Tae (he begs her multiple times to let him do it, but you will learn that she is hella stubborn and does what she wants to do), but she wants to ride or die for her man. (not me, tuh…he woulda been in there…but then it wouldn’t be much of a story now would it?)

She ends up getting a few years, and things don’t work in her favor while on the inside. She has one of the CO’s sleeping with her husband (the reason escapes me right now because I’m hype)…and this particular CO ends up pregnant, and Tae ends up leaving Empress ass in there while he is parading this heffa around town.

Once she gets out, sigh…basically ya’ll Tae ain’t shit.

For MULTIPLE reasons.

He tries to kill his mother.

He has multiple women doing his dirty work.

He turns his back on his wife and her brother, who helped him when he had nothing.

He wants to raise his children to become lil demons.

He doesn’t give a damn about nobody but himself.

He’s a snitch.

He’s a bitch.

OK. Now that I got that out the way. Let’s talk about Scar right quick. Carangelo “Scar” de la Cruz is heir to a cartel in the DR, and his father is on the run and left Carangelo in Empress’ brother, Show, care. Obviously, he falls in love with Empress, but she has her head so far up Tae’s ass, she pays him no mind until Tae shows how much of an evil troll he is…and it’s up to her to end his reign of terror.

Which was frustrating as hell, because one of my favorite characters die…and I feel it could have been avoided had Empress stopped being a chump.

But I understand.

Who is my favorite character you ask? Tae’s mother.

Read the book to find why. 🙂

It’s a long book, like I said…but it’s VERY entertaining. And I’m not just saying that because it’s Joi. I found myself laughing, being mad, being annoyed…I even cried a few times. I became emotionally attached to some of these characters. I felt Pablo’s pain. I wanted to KILL Tae. I wanted to slap Empress a few times.

I wish, however…that I was able to read more about Empress and Scar…I NEED a follow up on them…pretty please Ms. Joi?

Click the link to read A Bawss Love Story: Empress and Scar by Joi Miner.

99 Cents on Kindle, FREE with Kindle Unlimited

And then let me know what you thought!

A Bawss Love Story : Empress and Scar